Browse Safe helps you search safely with safe search engines and protects you from being exposed to hazardous content.



Browse Safe is a Chrome extension that provides you a safe searching experience by turning on the SafeSearch mode of your favorite search engines. Whether you are using Browse Safe to search at work with colleagues, at home with family, or in an Internet cafe just by yourself, our extension helps you enforce the SafeSearch filter to prevent you from being exposed to hazardous adult content from your search results. In this extension, we support Yahoo, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to perform your safe search.

It is important to know that Browse Safe is not 100% bulletproof. SafeSearch filters of popular search engines cannot catch everything.


How it works

After Browse Safe Has Been Successfully Added To Your Edge Browser, You Can Open The Action Window Of The Extension, Select Your Preferred Search Engine, And Click On The SAFE SEARCH Button. You Will Be Redirected To The Search Result Page Of The Selected Search Engine With The SafeSearch Filter On.


When the Browse Safe has been added to your Chrome, go to the extension’s action page to select a different search engine to perform a one-time safe search.
SafeSearch is an important feature in the world’s popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo that efficiently filters out hazardous adult content to provide you a safe and pleasant searching experience.
Yes, it’s a free extension for Chrome browser.
If you want to uninstall/remove the extension, please see the instructions on the Uninstall page.

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