With the Internet expansion, all the information is on the tip of our fingers. This brings in the need for creating habits and protections shields, to avoid the information overwhelm and the negative effects.

Safe online browsing is your shield and sword. It is a system designed to filter URL's you are looking for, according to safety policies. Adopting healthy online habits and using Safe Browsing tools complement each other, maximizing comfort. It is important to understand why these systems matter. Here are 10 reasons to support it.

  • Malware protection - You want to keep your devices and information out of the malware reach. It is threatening as it is infectious, and you are helpless to fight it.
  • Information protection - Cookie is hard to associate with something harmful. Website cookies, however, may be a bitter bite. Using them, webpages collect data about their visitors that can be confidential.
  • Securing the identity - Safe Browsing would protect you from having your information stolen and used. 
  • Prevents tracking - Some websites do a great job of collecting the data. Keep your online location and actions private.
  • No ads - Pop-ups are not only annoying but contagious as well. Designed to attract you, they can lead to scam, harmful links, or bring some malware.
  • Quick to use - Memory can get full even in the browser. Having your traffic clean, the surfing would be much quicker too.
  • Safe Browsing tools as an additional layer - Along with VPNs or the appropriate online behavior, these protective tools would offer an additional level of support, deeply securing your identity instead of hiding it.
  • Proactivity - Most of us have encountered only a shallow portion of the Internet. Regular people don't know much about how it works. That's why the threats can often go unnoticed. Safe Browsing tools cover you there, as their proactivity triggers an immediate response. 
  • Protect you and your family from harmful content - If you are a parent, you want your child to enjoy the benefits of the online world, preventing them to access the inappropriate information. Make an advantage of these features and protecting behavior. 
  • Improving your experience - Consider taking Safe Browsing tools and services, so you never have to worry about your online presence again. 

 These tips will help you stay one the white browsing list. Be responsible online and enjoy its benefits.